01/11/2009 Dutch Government test PAL-V


The 27th of April 2009 th Dutch minister of transportation, Mr. Camiel Eurlings, officially started tests for future infrastructure preparation for PAL-V use. Anticipating the arrival of PAL-V’s in the market the Dutch ministry of economic affairs and the Dutch ministry of transportation have started a series of tests with “PAL-V ports” and the “highways in the sky”. The basic concept is to expand the recreational ares near the highways with a small airstrip, a so-called “PAL-V port”. It would require only 65 of these PAL-V ports to allow each Dutch citizen to take-off and land at no more than 15 km (10 miles) from home.

As long as the number of PAL-V’s is small, the use will fit within “uncontrolled airspace” and existing airports without changing any regulations. However once quantities pick up the plan is to create PAL-V ports and corridors alongside the existing highways. This will lead to easier, more effective and continued safe use of PAL-V’s. The tests are carried out using a standard gyrocopter and a standard Carver. By simulating the PAL-V, using these existing products for the test, the development of the infrastructure and the PAL-V product are done concurrently.

During 2009 are carried out measuring i.e. the noise effects, distractions for road traffic, environmental consequences, safety aspects. These parameters will be taken into account in the design of the PAL-V ports, various regulations that affect the construction of PAL-V ports, definition of the “sky-ways” etc.

Minister Camiel Eurlings endorsed the development of the product as well as the use by professional customers like police, first aid, army, hemland secrity…….