28/04/2017 Flying Car PAL-V Liberty Revealed by Prince Albert of Monaco


Flying Car PAL-V Liberty Revealed by Prince Albert of Monaco
Flying car manufacturer PAL-V recently started the sales of its commercial models for delivery by the end of next year, the Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport. The first commercial flying car in the world is now a fact and the design model of the production vehicle was revealed by Prince Albert of Monaco.
The PAL-V Liberty Pioneer and the PAL-V Liberty Sport, the first commercial flying car in the world is now a fact. The model was released by Price Albert of Monaco. Images of the event have been released by the Palace.
In its speech Markus Hess, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of PAL-V, explained the Prince the benefits of travel with the PAL-V Liberty.
Prince Albert was surprised to see that the vehicle was in the Monaco colors and carrying his personal license plate and airplane call sign.
Due to the compactness and agility of the PAL-V Liberty he could see many people from Monaco to start FlyDriving to their favorite destinations in the near future.
Build within existing regulations
“After years of hard work, beating the technical and qualification challenges, our team succeeded in creating an innovative flying car that complies with existing safety standards determined by regulatory bodies around the world,” says Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V.
Following the successful test programs of their concept vehicles in 2009 and 2012, PAL-V started the design of the commercial products that have been launched today.
PAL-V is now nearing an exciting phase for its continued business growth, namely fulfilling the first client orders. While other flying car manufacturers’ concepts require modified regulations and in many cases not yet existing technologies, PAL-V deliberately chose to engineer, design and build a flying car with proven technologies and fully compliant with existing regulations. This leads to a first product delivery date that is realistic and imminent.
Double safety and very easy to pilot 
Double safety and very easy to pilot
The new model is very easy and very safe to fly. The company took the very safe gyroplane principle to the next level by incorporating a unique dual engine propulsion. A novel design approach serves to avoid a number of common pilot errors by design. The design has a distinct Italian flair, thanks to collaborations with leading Italian design agencies. The tilting “cockpit” adds to the sports car feel on the road.
The PAL-V Liberty has a strong appeal all over the world says Markus Hess, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of PAL-V, who introduced the PAL-V Liberty to selected clients last year.
“We are very pleased with the response so far. Now that the new design is public I expect to see great interest from customers that have waited for the flying car era to start” says Hess.
“Later in 2017 we will start building a preproduction series followed by the manufacturing of the first PAL-V Libertys for our early ‘pioneer’ clients. Deliveries of road and air certificated models are scheduled by the end of 2018. This truly is a pivotal time in aviation and mobility history” adds Dingemanse.